Our trip to the UK started and ended with a few days in London. After taking a train to Oxford we picked up a car and drove counterclockwise around the island of Great Britain, getting into south and north Wales and criss crossing the western part of England as we made our way north to the Lake Country, and then off we went to Scotland. After a couple of days on the Isle of Skye we went across the Scottish Highlands to Inverness and Edinburgh before heading back down the eastern side of the island through Durham, the York Moors, and then into York. We took the train back to London for our trip home.

Neither Sharon nor Robert had been to the UK (except for changing planes at Heathrow, which doesn't count...). Because of so many Masterpiece Theater series we'd watched, not to mention novels read and listened to as well as so many American place names named after spots in the UK, so many of the places we visited SOUNDED familiar, even though we'd obviously never been there.

The trip was everything we had hoped it would be...we stayed in wonderful B&Bs with great food, good company, and comfortable beds.

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